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iCasualTours App for iOS

iCasualTours for iOS makes it easy to capture, organize, and share your everyday travel experience. A casual walk or a two-weeks vacation, the app will help you remember it as it happened and share it with your friends.


The app records your travel routes and lets you take geo-tagged pictures as well as check-in and monitor nearby places of your interest, with instant display on your Tour Map. iCasualTours offers advanced location tracking technology, with multiple tracking modes to allow continuos use of the app without noticeable impact on your device's battery. 


iCasualTours enables uploading your Tours directly to Your Personal Google Account. The Tour Items such as routes, photos, checked-in places, milestones, motion statistics, notes, and links can be easily exported to Google services such as Google Picasa, Google Fusion Tables / Google Docs, and Google Maps -- giving you the ownership and full control over your travel data. 


The app  makes it easy to share Tours, offering multiple upload and sharing modes including event-based, incremental Live Sharing that can happen e.g. whenever you take a geo-tagged photo, check-in a nearby place, or reach a new tour milestone. Full Email, Facebook, and Twitter integration is available.



What's new in iCasualTours 2.0


iCasualTours 2.0 is a major app version update, with many added features and improvements. New functionality includes: 

  • Reworked User Interface 
  • iPhone5 support 
  • Enhanced Upload & Sharing 
  • Improved Live Sharing 
  • Tours Statistics 
  • Numerous improvements & bug fixes 
  • No Ads 
  • Unlimited Upload And Sharing 
  • Simplified Pro Upgrade 
  • Free version now supports up to 5 recorded Tours