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Core Features

Advanced location tracking technology

  • Fine balance between frequency of location updates and battery life
  • Multiple location tracking modes, from exact to extremely energy-efficient
  • Accurate position information, even while in the energy-preserving modes


Upload and Sharing

  • Direct upload to your personal Google Account
  • You have the ownership and full control over your travel data
  • Integrated with Google services such as Google Picasa, Google Fusion Tables / Google Docs,  Google Maps
  • Configurable upload and sharing of your Tour routes, photos, checked-in places, milestones, motion statistics, notes, and links 
  • Easy Email, Facebook, and Twitter sharing


Event-based, incremental Live Sharing

  • Can happen automatically on pre-defined events
  • The events can be e.g. taking a new photo, checking-in a new place, reaching a new Tour milestone, etc.
  • Intelligent use of bandwidth, with incremental data transfers over the network


Tour Recording

  • Support for multiple Tour Route Segments
  • Visually appealing yet clear display of all relevant info on the Tour Map
  • Configurable Tour Milestones, both time-based and distance-based
  • Detailed motion statistics such as current / average / maximum speeds, distances, ascent / descent, etc.
  • Fully configurable Tour Map display


Tour Photos
  • Take geo-tagged pictures anytime during a tour
  • Easy upload of Tour pictures to Google Picasa Web Albums
  • Easy pictures sharing on the Tour map, with optional link to entire Tour Picasa Photo Album
  • Intelligent display on the Tour map, with configurable pictures grouping
  • Powerful built-in photo viewer
  • Full control on how the photos are sized, stored, uploaded, and shared
Tour Places
  • Tour Nearby Places, with full Wikipedia integration
  • Places monitoring, with automated proximity actions such as auto check-in and configurable places alerts
  • Instant display of checked-in Places on the Tour map
  • Easy share of checked-in Places on your Tour map
  • Search for Wikipedia Places around you
  • General Wikipedia Places search